Claire  Claire Partin




No links or clips here.  That's the beauty and bane of improv - it's in the moment!   Claire performed in the ensemble of THE FORTUNE ROOM, a long form improvised musical, for four plus years at the now closed Empty Stage directed by Stan Wells.  Claire currently gets her musical improv fix by studying with the brilliant and hilarious Phyllis Katz at the Groundlings.  Claire studied and performed comedy improv in Santa Monica at the now defunct Upfront Comedy Showcase and in her Chicago days at IMPROV OLYMPICS (now IO), the ANNOYANCE and SECOND CITY.


Claire studied musical theater with the late, great Betty Garrett at Theater West, and now studies with Corinne Dekker at Actor's Comedy Studio.  Claire is a mezzo soprano with a pretty good belt.  

See the SkyMall the Musical! a music video Claire co-wrote, co-produced and stars in!


Claire has performed stand-up comedy at Flappers, The Belly Room at the Comedy Store and M Bar to name a few.  Her aim is to make you a little uncomfortable by calling attention to her body parts and twisted imagination.  She looks like the girl next door, sweet as pie, but then she hits you with a little blue and a little spice. Claire plans to get back up on comedy stages doing stand-up in 2015. 



Claire has been acting her entire adult life.  She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelors of Science in the School of Speech with an emphasis on Theater.  After graduation Claire performed comedy improv and did a lot of theater in Chicago. Chicago theater credits, now over 20 years old, are available upon request.  She rediscovered her Scottish roots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Claire now resides in sunny West Hollywood where she intends to stay, unless a big offer comes in from some other fine city.  New York?  Chicago? London?  Minsk?